Supply Chain Management

Reliable and affordable services across verticals

Tripath Logistics encompasses a fully integrated, technology enabled end-to-end supply chain logistics solutiont hat provides reliable and affordable services across verticals. We operate a supply chain that is efficient and modern, seamlessly merging supply chain and logistics while implementing market best practices. Tripath’s Supply Chain Solutions understands the business needs of customers to tailor customized solutions within reasonable budgets.

Customized solution includes:

  • Studying the business needs of customers in depth and designing solutions to work around their needs

  • Handling the transportation and distribution of goods and cargo

  • Warehouse and facility management, including infrastructure and management of mechanization

  • Technological implementation in processes

  • Overseeing end-to-end of operations with constant improvisation

  • Expressed and customized supply chain solutions

  • Dedicated delivery services

  • Network analysis and design

Tripath’s Supply Chain Services include:

  • Ready availability of services across high consumption areas across India

  • Tailored facilities, which are multi user and scalable

  • Use of latest in technology and automation to suit logistic needs pan India

  • Multiple carrier points, with reliable and robust distribution network

  • Safe, efficient, secure cargo movement through dedicated fleet services

  • Real-time tracking of consignments through GPS enabled cargo tracking system